Aqualand Ticket – Senior

Located at Alcantarilha, Aqualand Water Park is about 20 minutes drive from Albufeira areas. This park is slightly smaller then the other parks but its a lot cheaper also! The Anaconda is very popular, with five tubes snaking different routes down to the base pool. The Banzai Boggan which visitors slide down what feels like a sheer drop from a height of 23 metres. The Kamikaze – The highest of its kind in Portugal, this slide is a short but very sweet descent from 36 metres in just four seconds. The Flying Carpets – snake the way down the long tubes on rubber rings. The semi-Olympic swimming pool – a place to relax and swim a few lengths, or guests can head for the pool at surf beach where they can jump and dive through waves as though they were in the ocean itself. Children are well catered for at Aqualand. Rainbow beach offers them mini slides, mushroom showers and plenty of colourful fun in shallow waters. The park has many snack bars serving pizzas, burgers and pasta dishes as well as several ice cream kiosks. For those seeking more shade and a sit-down meal the restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes.
Opening hours: 10.00 – 18.00

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